Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Vatican II Insight From Roberto De Mattei

This is from Rorate and is worth checking out. It's basically about how most of the bishops at Vatican II weren't in either theological camp, but were instead swayed by the more effective organization of the Rhine group. We've talked about this a little in the past and mentioned that the orthodox bloc were blind-sided at the opening bell by Cardinal Leinart's shenanigans and then played from behind for the rest of the game. The Rhine camp, on the other hand, had been planning for some time about how they would go about "refusing to accept the tyrannical rules laid down by John XXIII."

To this point, I don't think de Mattei's book is in English, which is a shame. I eagerly await a translation, though. In the interim, check out the excerpts at the link and marvel at what a well-organized machine can do in a campaign for votes.

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