Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Anglican Catholics

I picked these up from Fr. Z. Basically, the first story is about the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada voting to become Catholic. It's apparently only about two dozen congregations, but every little bit helps. This is another step for the ordinariate process.

The second item is actually a collection of articles about Fr. John Hepworth, who as an Archbishop of the Traditional Anglican Communion, has spear-headed that group's reconciliation with Christ's Church. I had no idea how terrible his journey had been. He entered the Catholic seminary at 15 and was repeatedly raped by priests there. This drove him out of the Church to Anglicanism. Now, he is returning home. Warning- some of the content in the articles is very graphic. Please pray for this man. He deserves as many as we can give him.

Reading of his seminary experience, the shadow of Windswept House loomed large in my mind.

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