Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Thought

As I review the reports and commentary following the epic hilarity that ensued at yesterday's ND/Michigan game, I can't help but notice something. ND fans are more concerned about the administration's handling of the football program than its handling of matters touching the Faith. The scandal of honoring Obama is forgiveable. Starting 0-2 (again) is not. How sad.

Something about reaping and sowing comes to mind. Once Fr. Jenkins & Co. have completed their annihilation of the football program, and ND's finances with it, perhaps they will finally have time to get around to all that dialogue they've been meaning to do.

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Philip said...

I'm with you on this one.

But then again, I graduated from ND not that long ago. Concern for Catholic character wasn't too high on the priority list of most students then, either. More than a few picked ND for its football tradition.

While some may lament the "nerdiness" of ND's current students, perhaps the football team's decades of struggles will finally lead to a reduction in the number of students who are there for football and nothing else.