Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Couple Of Things

First, here is a link to a Novena for the election of the next Pope. It's on an SSPX site, but you can get over that by recalling the magnitude of what is currently happening.

Second, there's a tidbit in Sandro Magister's latest entry. He's talking about Cardinal O'Brien's non-attendance at the conclave and the pressure on Cardinals Mahony and Danneels not to attend. Check this out:

And yet, just a few years ago, the three were on the crest of the wave. Among the nine votes that Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, the flagship candidate of the progressive cardinals opposed to the election of Ratzinger, received in the first scrutiny of the conclave of 2005, there were precisely those of O'Brien, Mahony, and Danneels.

Today almost nothing of this progressive current remains within the sacred college.

It's comments like this that make me wonder if Sandro isn't just messing with his readers sometimes. Is he claiming to know that all three of these guys voted for Martini last time around. That's some pretty wild info to be claiming.

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