Monday, March 4, 2013

Culture Of Death

They've privatized the video now, but I'd like for everyone to read the description provided by Creative Minority Report in order to understand the critical fact that many of our nation's youth are growing up to be sociopaths.

College students at Hunter College, a public college in New York City, celebrated a birthday with ice cream cake, balloons, and a horrific birthday game they called "Abortion Wars" where students put a balloon under their shirt and try to pop the balloon with a fork while some students even yell "Kill the baby!!!" and "Kill it!!!"

The laughter surrounding the game and the cavalier nature towards life should chill the hearts of anyone with a shred of concern for the sacredness of life. (Language warning.)

Such a Brave, New World that we've forged for ourselves. Remember this for when people tell you how great it is that modern women have the license to murder their children. This is the sort of behavior that is spawned from such a viewpoint.

We deserve destruction.

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Anonymous said...

Is life really a video game ?