Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rowan Is Good For Something!

He clocked Richard Dawkins in an atheist vs. theist debate at Cambridge as to whether or not religion has a place in modern society.

Granted, this isn't a huge accomplishment if you've ever seen Dawkins "debate" anyone. All he's good for is firing off one ad hominem after another.

Dawkins . . . put his argument forward with stronger rhetoric, referring to religion as a "cop-out", a "betrayal of the intellect and everything human that is good".

Labelling religion as "a phoney substitute for an explanation" both "redundant and irrelevant", Dawkins also referred to God as an "almighty knob-twiddler" - a comment which was met by laughter and applause from the student audience. The renowned scientist closed his speech with: "As the century goes by, religion has less and less place to exist. It's high time to send it packing."

You get the point. Even the students seemed to realize this. And what the hell is a knob-twiddler?

Some students voiced that Dawkins was in fact "the least intriguing speaker" at the debate.

The funny part in all this is that Dawkins, like a good many of his "new atheism" compadres, claims to represent intellectual values like logic and reason. When they are faced with an actual argument, though, all they have to fall back on are insults.

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