Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A New Internet Resource For Catholics

Lately, I've been exposed to some very harsh claims relating to both this blog and anyone who might agree with it. For example, apparently, this blog has been attacking Pope Francis (and a few other nameless popes). Not sure how I missed that, but it must have happened because I read it on the internet.

Ignoring for a moment that such accusations are lies/calumny, I also noticed that a popular Catholic radio program recently broadcast a program that was more than a bit slanted in its take on people who, say, like attending the Traditional Mass.

I'm not sure why negativity, and even falsehood, have become so popular lately, but it was a good way to find the following resource.

Faithful Answers is a new apologetics site. I don't know all the parties involved, but it has Fr. Chad Ripperberger, Fr. Michael Rodriguez, and Ryan Grant, all of whom are wonderful examples of Catholic thinking on subjects ranging from dogmatic theology to morality to economics. The material I've read there so far is solid stuff, and I heartily recommend it to our readers. If you are looking for Catholic resources and are put off by the tone in which they are presented, either by way of fuzziness or antagonism, this new effort could be the place to help you out.


Anonymous said...

dear Throwback, I for one will stand by ya. And thanks for reading
comments here even if some are not profound. I am speaking only of myself. And when the hour is wakeful I'll visit the blog you've found. Sounds good to me.

Throwback said...

I'm more confused than anything else, I suppose.

Does anything here really sound like an attack on the Pope?

Do popular Catholic radio programs really not have anything better to do than to, say, conflate the SSPX with sedevacantists (and by omission pretty much lump everybody into those categories)? I wonder if such programs would ever have a guy like Fr. Ripperberger on.

Anon/sometimesnotprofound said...

Throwback, No, I've never perceived
anything here as an attack on the Pope. I know that I've read and heard various Catholics mostly in some capacity "professionals" who don't like traditionalists, having various objections and sometimes false perceptions. Of course you know all this. Therefore I can't say I'm surprised or confused. I not knowing what the radio program, so not knowing who said exactly what, but knowing that there are a lot of Modernists who try to walk a fine line at every turn so as to be very Catholic even though they have been steeped in a wake of V ll. It's the how to reconcile pre and post. They see themselves as faithful to Rome and traditionalists as not. That sounds pretty simple but I think that some Catholics think of the situation as that simple. But reconciling the aforesaid is somewhat like Popin', it ain't easy. Now sorry I've rattled on to say things that you know and may or not agree with.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen the latest amazing article from Faithful Answers? http://www.faithfulanswers.com/theological-liberalism-and-crisis-in-contemporary-catholic-apologetics/