Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Anniversary To Humanae Vitae

It's been 45 years since Paul VI became the most hated man in the world simply by re-stating what Christians had been saying for 2000 years. In case you somehow missed in that time:

To recollect, I submit these two entries from our past efforts, both of which demonstrate the prophetic powers of Holy Mother Church in predicting exactly what would happen if humanity embraced the contraceptive mentality promoted by the culture of death:

And of course, our reflection on the ancillary horrors wrought by the pill that nobody pays attention to because they might actually have to consider halting their reliance on it.

The cruelty people exhibit(ed) toward the Holy Father for what should have been a simple and non-controversial item is/was inexcusable. May God have mercy on them. Paul VI was basically shattered by the experience. If you want a good synopsis of what happened, I'd suggest Ralph McInerny's What Went Wrong With Vatican II?

Rorate has a good In Memoriam of the Holy Father's accomplishment, which I reproduce below:

Pope Paul VI is described by most historians as a kind of tragic figure, trying to control the whirlwind of events surrounding him, but unable to do much. It is probably because of this, because it seemed that Montini often bent to the opinions of the world, because it seemed that he frequently accepted the fabricated notions and texts which committees of false sages delivered to him (with very small modifications), that the moments in which he did not bend shine so clearly with the simple brightness of Peter. The Nota Prævia to Lumen Gentium, the vigorous defense of the traditional Eucharistic doctrines (in Mysterium Fidei) and of the teachings on Indulgences (in Indulgentiarum Doctrina), the Credo of the People of God are pillars which remain standing in a crumbling edifice, signs of supernatural protection. 

Indeed. Rest in peace, Holy Father. When you were right, you were so very right.

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