Wednesday, July 10, 2013

St. John Fisher On Secular Hypocrisy

We'd mentioned previously the commonplace secular hypocrisy wherein we are subjected to criticisms of the Church's use of precious metals, beautiful buildings, and works of art in Her worship of God. This scorn is heaped all while secularists spend their funds on the exaltation of themselves, their temporal rulers, or just famous people that they admire.

St. John Fisher noticed this same problem back in his day and commented upon it thusly:

These men now among us seem to reprove the life and doings of the clergy, but after such a sort as they endeavour to bring them into contempt and hatred of the laity. And so finding fault with other men's manners, whom they have no authority to correct, they omit and forget their own, which is far worse and much more out of order than the other. But if the truth were known, you will find that they hunger and thirst after the riches and possessions of the clergy rather than after the amendment of their own faults and abuses.

His last point is very well-taken considering the current position of the Church in places like Italy but also in America, too. There are more than a few people who would be thrilled to see the Church's tax exempt status revoked. If the government continues its current trends, Catholic clergy will be forced to become more outspoken. That kind of outspokenness will result in increasing calls for just this sort of revocation. What it really comes down to, though, is a desire to take what is God's and bend it to secular profit.

Henry built an empire that way. No reason why other governments can't do the same.

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