Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Pope Saints. Maybe?

It's been rumored for a while that JPII's second miracle was in the bag. According to Rocco Palma, it's not just him, but John XXIII as well.

This isn't just a big deal because we'd be looking at two new saints, which is always significant. Historically, this is an extraordinary bit of news. Consider that there is only one canonized pope of the last century, namely, St. Pius X. Before that, you're going all the way back to St. Pius V to find one.

Once you get out of the patristic age, it just doesn't happen a lot.

History-making type stuff.


AAA said...

Really makes me question the infallibility of canonizations.

Really don't see how someone can accommodate people to break the 1st commandment on sacred Church ground and kiss the Koran calling it the "word of God" and become a saint... really doesn't make much sense...

Throwback said...

I think the infallibility of canonizations is an open question, albeit one falling under the common teaching of the Church.

Anyways, part of it is probably because nobody takes note of these things. The rank and file Catholic knows nothing of Assisi or any of the other items that people consider scandalous from John Paul II's reign.

I also think that his papacy will have a lot of positive downstream effects. I see lots of guys with very strong traditional leanings and orthodox beliefs entering seminary. All claim to have been inspired by JPII. When they hear about Assisi-esque stuff, they just sort of sshrug their shoulders and press on.

There's a whole generation that he left an impression on. Regardless of thoughts on his failings as a pope, that legacy will outlast any of his more problematic actions/statements.