Saturday, September 7, 2013

Follow-Up To The Prior Post

One more item that went unmentioned and deserves a space of its own. From what I've been getting in response to this issue, it's also a popular position among Catholics that all the businesses in question had to do to stay out of trouble was lie about their status. 

In other words, instead of telling the couples that they couldn't serve them because of their homosexuality, the proprietors should have made up some other excuse. 

News flash: Lying is a sin. I guess in some circumstances that they might have been able to use some sort of wacky mental reservation, but most of the recommendations I've been getting suggest a flat-out lie.

I repeat. Lying is a sin. So basically we're supposed to do evil so that we don't get sued. What a pathetic state we've been reduced to if those are our only options.

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