Sunday, September 1, 2013

Help Me Out Here

Pope Francis has recently praised a foundation that is dedicated to the work of deceased Cardinal Carlo Martini, former Archbishop of Milan.

Cardinal Martini's work included pushing for women in Holy Orders, okaying euthanasia, opening the gates for contraceptive and abortion practices, a complete ignoring of Pastor Aeternus, and other items that have left me very confused with the Pope's actions. And that's ignoring the scandalous comments released after his death. If you want an example of some of Cardinal's Martini's commentary, here's an old post by Fr. Zuhlsdorf that gives a good description.

So why should we be happy that anyone is promoting this guy's work?


bill bannon said...

I think Popes often do not research everything they praise or...people they appoint... as witnessed by the lemons in the hierarchy who covered up the sex abuse. Popes appointed them probably after very moderate inquiry. John Paul trusted Cardinal Groer and Macial Maciel even after people warned him. Popes do not get confronted enough like we do by our wives when we don't put out the recycling. That bubble of being free from all confrontors is like a person winning too much money for their character......something
untoward will happen in due time.

Throwback said...

I suppose that might be the case. However, given that Cardinal Martini was so long promoted as papabile, held such a prominent see, was a fellow Jesuit, and created such scandal with his posthumously released comments about the Church, I'm not sure if I'm convinced. In this case at least.