Thursday, September 26, 2013

The "Greatness" Of Luther

In a month, it will be the anniversary of the horror wrought by Martin Luther upon the world. As a warm-up, I'd like everyone to read this article over at the Unam Sanctam main site. It gives a good description of how far Luther departed from the Faith of our Fathers.

Despite what you might hear from guys like Cardinal Kaspar, Luther wasn't a great theologian. He was barely a theologian. It would be awful nice if people would be honest about these qualities instead of making excuses for him or trying to dress up his insane writings as profound in the interest of faux dialogue. If we really wanted to get somewhere on the dialogue front, we should be asking how Luther's writings conform not only with Christian charity but with basic internal consistency. Or just how he had the right to declare a schism in the first place.

Maybe we could suggest this work for future Luther scholars:

(Note: For those who don't get it, just google "luther" and "poop.")

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