Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pope Francis Asks A Great Question

As reproduced by Rorate:

When I hear that so many Christians in the world are suffering, am I indifferent or is it like one of my family is suffering? When I think or hear that so many Christians are persecuted and even give their lives for their faith, does it touch my heart or not at all? ... I will ask you a question, but do not answer in a loud voice, but in your hearts: how many of you pray for the Christians who are being persecuted? How many of you? Each one of you answer in your heart. 'Am I praying for that brother, for that sister, who is facing hardship for professing and defending his faith?'

I'm guessing the answer is generally no, considering that most people in this country, Christians included, don't know or don't give a crap.

I recall when ND decided that it wasn't going to sell goods made in China in the university book store. The reason? China doesn't have independent labor unions. All those decades of kidnapping, torturing, and murdering faithful priests, bishops, and laity weren't a big enough deal. Setting up a fake church to delegitimize the True Church wasn't a good enough reason. Nope. They have a messed up labor system. That was the problem.

At least we have our priorities straight.


Aged parent said...

That is a great question, indeed, and I am glad the Pope asked it.

How often, in utter frustration, have I written on my own little blog about how the Christians are suffering in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and elsewhere and see so little interest in the subject. It is at least heartening to me to see that some other Catholic blog writers are addressing this terrible situation.

Thank you again for the post. It was much-needed.

Aged Parent

Anonymous said...

While I am certain that there are good and faithful Catholics at Notre Dame, I wonder if the institution itself is still Catholic