Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pope Benedict Vs. The Wolves

A report has come out describing Pope Benedict's efforts to purge the Church of predators. He dismissed almost 400 priests from the clerical state ("defrocked") in his last two years alone. The Insider has the story here.

He'll get no credit for any of his work in this area. Be prepared for our former Vicar of Christ to get something of the Pius XII treatment. The chorus will always be not just that he didn't do more. It will be what a horrible person he is for what he did and didn't do, regardless of the circumstances. We'll never know what the struggle was like amongst the Curial wolfpack. However, we know now that Pope Benedict did more than anyone else to rid the Mystical Body of Christ of this filth. And that he has been and will be castigated for doing so.

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