Monday, January 27, 2014

The Eldest Daughter

We mentioned before that there is a possible awakening of Catholicism in France. Granted, after your country has been an international punchline for so long, something was bound to give.

Anyways, this article gives some more details about what's going on.

Everyone thought they had disappeared, and they had indeed become invisible to most of us. But for the past six months, they have been resurfacing and taking to the streets relentlessly to protest against gay marriage. 

They use their networks to organize events and rallies, as well as candlelit sit-ins and vigils. As defenders of the so-called traditional family, they represent a large proportion of those who march against same-sex marriage. 

“It is a real groundswell,” says Christine Pedotti, editor-in-chief at Témoignage chrétien (“Christian Testimony”), the only Catholic magazine to favor gay marriage. “These young conservative activists obey the Church hierarchy and are addicted to family values and genuflecting. This is the new face of the Church.” 

This new generation of Catholics – the John Paul II and Benedict XVI generation – became the unexpected sentinel of the Church in the battle against gay marriage, which started on August 15 with a “Prayer for France.”

It's all very inspiring. Sure, they lost this battle, but losing in the name of the Long Defeat isn't a bad thing. It's to be expected even. But it's worth everything we have.

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