Thursday, January 30, 2014

Speaking Of ND (Pope Francis)

Rorate delivered some great laughs this morning by providing a snip of the Holy Father's comments to a delegation from ND. Check this out:

In my recent Apostolic Exhortation on the Joy of the Gospel, I stressed the missionary dimension of Christian discipleship, which needs to be evident in the lives of individuals and in the workings of each of the Church’s institutions. This commitment to “missionary discipleship” ought to be reflected in a special way in Catholic universities (cf. Evangelii Gaudium, 132-134), which by their very nature are committed to demonstrating the harmony of faith and reason and the relevance of the Christian message for a full and authentically human life. Essential in this regard is the uncompromising witness of Catholic universities to the Church’s moral teaching, and the defense of her freedom, precisely in and through her institutions, to uphold that teaching as authoritatively proclaimed by the magisterium of her pastors. It is my hope that the University of Notre Dame will continue to offer unambiguous testimony to this aspect of its foundational Catholic identity, especially in the face of efforts, from whatever quarter, to dilute that indispensable witness. And this is important: its identity, as it was intended from the beginning. To defend it, to preserve it and to advance it! 


Somebody needs to get the Holy Father the memo with the new ND mission statement. You know, the one that makes Church teaching a point for dialogue rather than promotion or defense. The one where the university, in the name of Mammon, capitulates to Caesar's demand for a small smackeral of incense. The one where the enemies of life and adversaries who assault the Church are given platforms, even within the university itself, for launching their broadsides, with the excuse being that they should have freedom to tell their lies or that the school is "honored" by their presence.

Pope Francis needs to get with the brave new world.


David Brainerd said...

He's a Jesuit revolutionary. The fact that people think he's just a clueless senile old man is what allows him to further his revolution.

Throwback said...

I'm reminded of an ancient and venerable principle. The first see is judged by no one.