Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Purge Continues

It might shock Candida Moss to find this out, but Christians are being murdered every day for no other reason than that they are Christians.

This is a topic that we discuss here with some frequency. Surprise, surprise. Not much has changed, per The Week.

Like many Coptic Christians in Egypt, Ayman Nabil Labib had a tattoo of the cross on his wrist. And like 17-year-old men everywhere, he could be assertive about his identity. But in 2011, after Egypt's revolution, that kind of assertiveness could mean trouble.

Ayman's Arabic-language teacher told him to cover his tattoo in class. Instead of complying, the young man defiantly pulled out the cross that hung around his neck, making it visible. His teacher flew into a rage and began choking him, goading the young man's Muslim classmates by saying, "What are you going to do with him?"

Ayman's classmates then beat him to death. False statements were given to police, and two boys were taken into custody only after Ayman's terror-stricken family spoke out...

In Syria, the situation is even worse. In June 2013, a cluster of Christian villages was totally destroyed. Friar Pierbattista Pizzaballa reported that "of the 4,000 inhabitants of the village of Ghassanieh... no more than 10 people remain..."

According to West, between 2004 and 2011 the population of Chaldo-Assyrian Christians fell from over a million to as few as 150,000. In 2006, Isoh Majeed, who advocated the creation of a safe haven for Christians around Nineveh, was murdered in his home. The number of churches in Iraq has declined to just 57, from 300 before the invasion. The decline of Iraq's Christian population since the first Gulf War is roughly 90 percent, with most of the drop occurring since the 2003 invasion.

Hey, at least they aren't using gas chamber and ovens.

No tears, now. It will all be over soon.


Anonymous said...

Candida Moss is on record in her book and in pieces she wrote about it saying that Christians are persecuted around the world everyday and need the help of wealthier Christians. Maybe you should represent her work accurately.

Aged parent said...

I am sure that Mizz Moss, of Tooting-on-Thames, England, who has mysteriously risen without trace, cannot be bothered by facts.

Throwback said...

Anonymous, perhaps Ms. Moss could represent her own work more accurately.

She is pretty clear in the video linked here:

That Christians "are not being systemically or relentlessly persecuted today."

If you want to throw in a whole bunch of qualifiers to that, go ahead. Christians have never been systematically persecuted in my kitchen, so maybe that's what she meant. Maybe she clarified her statements elsewhere. I'm going off of what I know for a fact she said.

Since the whole premise of her book (as explained in the video) is built on a straw man, I didn't see fit to spend my time or money in reading her work.

Anonymous said...

I guess my point is that she has clarified her statements. If you look at the description that accompanies the video on youtube she says that Christians are persecuted around the world. I haven't read the book but I saw a piece she wrote in the Irish Rover in which she was obviously concerned for Christians abroad. And, for the record on CBS I saw her defend Pope Benedict. She's not the person I'd choose to represent the Catholic church but I think we should be fair to her.