Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Captain America And Catholicism

Shout to to Haskovec for letting us know about this article: The Catholicity of Captain America. While I never thought of Captain America as Catholic (he is American, after all), the article makes some great points for consideration.

As Christians, we can look deeper to what these heroes stand for and draw truths from their stories. Surely we can learn selflessness from the example of Superman, discipline and sacrifice from Batman, or even the value of anger-management from Wolverine (well…maybe not). It was Fr. Mike Schmitz, however, who pointed out to me the “Catholicity” of Captain America (a character I never really appreciated before the films) above all the other heroes. Fr. Mike’s three major points regarding the Captain followed as such: (1) integration of virtue, (2) lack of a double-identity, and (3) willingness to sacrifice his own life. After pouring over the facts and spending much time in prayer, I find myself compelled to agree that Captain America could be argued to be the “most Catholic” of all the superheroes.

Make sure you read the whole thing.

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