Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mosul: Peace In Our Time

Thanks to the world's orchestrations, we now have peace in our time in Mosul. The last Christian presence there has been eradicated. They are all gone. I'm sure the world cannot understand why, when given the choice of apostasy, death, or dhimmitude, these poor people chose exile instead.

Listen to the Archbishop's words, per Zenit:

Archbishop Nona knows what the people are going through. He has become a refugee himself. When the jihadist terrorists of ISIS took over Mosul weeks ago he and about 5,000 Christians fled from Iraq's second largest town. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have also attempted to find protection from the cruel holy warriors. Their number is estimated at about 450,000. Most of them have found refuge in the autonomous Kurdish areas.

"My diocese no longer exists. ISIS have taken it from me," the archbishop says. At the present time, according to the prelate, three quarters of the approximately 10,000 members of his diocese are on the run. "I don't know whether they will ever be able to return to Mosul."

The mood of the people is correspondingly sombre. "There is no room for us Christians in the Middle East," one woman says. She also fled from Mosul. She has four children. "Where are they supposed to go now? There's nothing keeping us in Iraq any more. First the 2003 war. Then the subsequent confusion when we Christians became the target of fanatics. And now this. We want to get to the west as soon as possible." But she has no illusions. "I know from relatives that it isn't easy to start a new life there. But at least it's safe. I don't want my children to grow up in fear."

And so it goes. Syria, while some seek optimism, will inevitably fall since the global sentiment is so hell-bent on Assad's removal.

As we've state before, though, this will be over eventually, and the UN will praise the world's achievement of a united Middle East, free from the pesky presence of Christians that has always been such a point of friction.

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