Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Remarkable Things

Whether you think certain rights are applicable to corporations or not, it is a bizarre thing to see the eruption of whackjobbery due to the Hobby Lobby ruling. At least freedom of religion is related in some way to actual language in the Constitution. Whither the right to contraceptive and abortifacient drugs? Can someone direct me to the correct penumbra on that one?

Also, it is staggering how certain individuals, including some ostensibly Catholic folk, can be so hateful towards those who simply did not wish to be forced accessories to immorality. Apparently, my wife and I know nothing about miscarriages (we've had 3), difficult pregnancies (all of them), fertility problems (been told multiple times we'd never have kids again), and so forth. If we did, naturally, we'd understand that the Supreme Court is evil and so is Catholicism. The former for this ruling and the latter because obviously the ruling was made because these judges were Catholic and the decision had nothing to do with the law. And don't mention natural fertility awareness and methodology with such people. All that proves is that you are a simple-minded slave to papery.

Oh yeah, and all non-Catholic pro-life people are evil too because they oppose fertility treatments and contraceptives as well. Such comments are proof that these folks have moved beyond the capacity for rational thought and have instead opted for lunacy.

I've actually seen the word "revolution" getting thrown around related to this topic. Nobody revolted over tens of millions of babies being murdered but plenty of people want to go to the barricades over having to pay a few bucks for a packet of pills.

The world has gone insane.

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