Monday, August 25, 2014

An Odd Thought

Is it just me, or is the secular obsession with Pope Francis and casting him as the repudiation of all things Catholic (along with the +Kaspars of the world), a bizarre form of clericalism?


Anonymous said...

To be more honest, no! It is a long plan of destroying Catholic Church - IN PROGRESS... Pope Francis is an anti-pope prophesied by so long. But, of course the modern aversion to prophecies makes people unaware what is really going on. He will bring church to ruin and the second sign of this will be SCHISM, most likely after the synod... First sign was, clever removal of pop e Benedict XVI from his Peter's Seat. Just wait and see... How the false church is created, which will pull into it many unaware souls... We can only pray now.

Throwback said...

I agree that we can only pray. I agree that there is a conspiracy to destroy the Church, as there has always been. As to Pope Francis as an anti-pope, the first see is judged by no one.