Saturday, August 2, 2014

Honesty Is The Best Policy

I wasn't going to mention this originally but recent events have changed my mind. We posted about the mutual apologies that have been offered between the Pope and a random Pentecostal minister.

In contrast to this, Rorate provided a statement from another group of Protestants who, in a striking display of intellectual honesty, made it clear that they have severe problems with the Catholic Church.

Good for them. They deserve major kudos for not falling victim to the temptation of back-slapping ecumenism where the inevitable attitude adopted is "I'm ok/You're ok." It is refreshing to see a group who is actually concerned enough with the salvation of others that they will make a statement designed to point out where someone might be led astray and risk their eternal soul.

They might be total bigots who are completely ignorant of the Church, historical fact, and simple reason, but hey, at least they seem to care about peoples' souls.

Would that we Catholics could be so honest. If only we could respect the beliefs of others to the point where we could talk about them seriously, rather than shuffling them away so that we can play at being "charitable." Instead of doing that, we will continue in the fruitless exercise of yelling in an echo chamber so that we can hear ourselves in agreement, even as the heresies widen and schisms deepen. Don't believe me? Every time you see a report on an ecclesial community sanctioning homosexual activity or the Anglicans spawning some new insane innovation or the further spread of anti-Trinitarian blasphemy, ask yourself if we are really moving closer together or if our separated brethren are indeed just flying farther and father apart.

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