Saturday, August 9, 2014

Remember When?

Remember when we sent troops into Somalia on a humanitarian mission ?

Remember when we talked about "moral imperatives" before bombing Yugoslavia for almost 3 months to protect Kosovo?

Remember when we went to war just because we needed to ... I don't even know what?

Remember when helping out the Arab Spring was a good enough reason to get involved in Libya?

Remember when we at least made noise about "red lines" in Syria and called on the world to overthrow Assad?

Remember when we did all these things to prevent a genuine genocide in Iraq?


Anonymous said...

The inconsistency is remarkable, but I don't know that we should really be surprised.

Head on over to NDN sometime and post this on the PBR.

Throwback said...

I now limit my time on NDN to the barest of minimums. I only do more harm.