Saturday, August 30, 2014

Since It's The Beginning Of Football Season

I wonder what ND will be "fighting for" this season, given that Catholicism hasn't made the list for so long.

On a related note, it is interesting that the school has no issue with punishing students who cheat, yet there are no negative consequences for professors who go out of their way to insult God, degrade His Church, and wreck the souls of students.


Anonymous said...

Why would it fight, is it even Catholic anymore? I know there are Catholics there, but would you, based on the past several decades consider the school to be Catholic?

Throwback said...

Well, there's a basilica there, so they got that going for them. And there are some good professors still (Professor John Cavadini, eg) and priests too. However, I see little or nothing from the administration that reflects a Catholic identity.

The claim I often hear these days pretty much boils down to ND having a lot of students who say they are Catholic and doing lots of pro-life stuff.

If those are the standards, then LSU is one of the most Catholic universities in the nation.

Philip said...

I've noticed the same thing. The "Fighting" promotions have yet to mention the faith or the Church or anything those lines.

Throwback said...

Never have. Never will.