Monday, June 16, 2008

Anglican Meltdown

Between two gay priests apparently getting hitched and the re-opening of wounds over the ordination of women bishops, it looks like the schedule for the Anglican schism has been accelerated.

The Times is reporting massive upheaval over the former, and 500 clergy ready to quit over the latter. Not to mention Dr. Rowan's additional problems with Islam and a general negative perception overall.

We can only hope that this drives home to all those involved the need for union with the Vicar of Christ. The day may come when some seemingly normal Catholic bishop decides to "marry" some gay couple or "ordain" a woman priest, but we know what his fate will be. Hopefully, Cardinal Kaspar will stay out of the way on this one, and the Holy Father will urge not only this group, but all Anglicans, to return to the bosom of the Catholic Church.

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