Friday, June 13, 2008

The Road to Dhimmitude, cont.

From the Telegraph:

The Church of England has been accused of censorship for shelving a controversial debate about Islam.

A meeting of the Church's "parliament" was due to discuss whether clergy should be doing more to convert British Muslims to Christianity.

The sensitive issue was highlighted last week by a senior bishop who accused Church leaders of failing to reach out to other faiths, and warned that radical Islam is filling a gap in society caused by the decline of traditional Christian values.

But now the Church has put off the debate on recruiting Muslims until next February at the earliest and will discuss the promotion of churches as tourist attractions instead.

Remarkable. The most remarkable part of the article being the implication that the belief that Christ wanted non-believers to be converted is somehow wacky or novel.

Have no fear, though. Rowan is on the job.

Yesterday the Archbishop announced he had held a meeting in London with representatives from 40 Christian groups from around the world to discuss how to strengthen ties with Muslims.
Dr Rowan Williams said: "It has, I think, renewed for us all the significance of the church's work in this area of cooperation with other faiths for the sake of peace in our common home."

Translation: We really don't want to rock the boat here (and possibly incur a fatwa), so we're going to keep our mouths shut rather than actually doing what Christ would want us to do.

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