Friday, June 20, 2008

Speaking of true unity . . .

Has Cardinal Husar lost his mind? One more from CWN:

The Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople has responded favorably to a suggestion by the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church for a system of "dual unity" in which Byzantine Catholic churches would be in full communion with both Constantinople and Rome.

Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople welcomed the proposal in an interview with the magazine Cyril and Methodius, the RISU news service reports. The acknowledged leader of the Orthodox world suggested that the "dual unity" approach would produce something akin to the situation of the Christian world in the 1st millennium, before the split between Rome and Constantinople.

Cardinal Lubomyr Husar of Kiev, the Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Church-- the largest of the Eastern Catholic churches-- had offered the possibility that Byzantine Catholics might seek communion with the Ecumenical Patriarchate, without giving up their communion with the Holy See. Patriarch Bartholomew expressed distinct interest in the idea, saying that "the mother Church in Constantinople holds the doors open for the return of all her former sons and daughters."

Let me say up-front that I have always supported the idea of the Ukrainian Church getting its own Patriarch. All this talk about it not being a "historical patriarchal see" is lame. Where are Moscow's "historical" roots? There's a really good argument that Constantinople's claims to St. Andrew are fabrications. And, in all charity, the Russians aren't worried about giving offense to others. These are the same guys who took the opportunity of JPII's death to let us Catholics know about how wrong we are. Real class by Lex II & Co. Not giving these Catholics in the Ukraine a bigger stake is to give strength to the Church's enemies.

As to this business of "dual unity," just what the hell does that mean anyway? The very concept is nonsensical. Something about what concord does Christ have with Belial comes to mind. The Fathers would have been horrified at any sort of communion with schismatics. And let's be honest with each other. One of us is in schism, so neither of us should be keen on this deal.

If anyone doubts on what terms Patriarch Bartholomew thinks such "unity" should occur, note that in his quote above he speaks of a "return" by "former sons and daughters."

Translation: We're ready for you papist schismatics to get your minds right.

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