Friday, June 6, 2008

Welcome to dhimmitude.

Basically, if you're a Christian and Britain, stay out of Muslim neighborhoods with all that Gospel what-not you're spouting. Not because you might get beheaded or anything, but because you might get harassed by the cops.

Christians bled for centuries trying to keep Europe safe from a Muslim takeover. Guys like Charles Martel, Don Juan of Austria, and King Jan Sobieski led whole armies to turn back the Mohammedan advance.

In contrast to these courageous men, Islam is set to extinguish Western Civilization in Europe thanks to continent-wide Christian apathy and cowardice. Not to mention contraception.


Philip said...

I wonder what the "wake-up" moment will be. One would have thought that the London subway bombings would have done it.

At least Ireland is still holding strong.

Throwback said...

One would think. France had their riots. Spain had their own bombings. Yet the invasion continues. If you get the chance, read Londonistan. Creepy as hell.

True, we still have the Irish. So we got that going for us.