Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pope John Gave Us Vatican II

Umm. Yeah. He also died after the first session, so it’s tough to see why he should be getting all the accolades for this one. Of course, ascribing credit to Paul VI would mean that some kind of props would have to go to the guy who wrote Humanae Vitae and that sure as hell isn’t coming from the progressives any time soon.

The sad part is that Pope John did preside over the events that resulted in the hijacking of VII, namely the discarding of the three years of work that went into its preparation and the complete upheaval of its commission structure. Most accounts suggest that Pope John had no idea the miles that would be given up when he gave the bishops this inch. In fact, as we’ll see, there’s little (or nothing) to indicate that Pope John would have sanctioned anything like what emerged in the post-conciliar Church, yet the progressives will consistently invoke his name as their patron saint.

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