Saturday, February 14, 2009

Boston College, the Stupidity Magnet

I'm not saying ND is perfect. We've got McBrien, after all. However, judging from this article in the Boston Herald, BC is utterly infested with morons. There is currently a tremendous uproar over the decision to place crucifixes in the classrooms.

Yes, you heard that right. An ostensibly Catholic university is actually having to deal with internal criticisms over the image of our Savior. Not only that, but they are citing the "Jesuit tradition of tolerance" as a reason why the crucifixes should be removed. Seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up.

Some Boston College professors and students are raising a holy ruckus over the Catholic school’s return to its religious roots by hanging crucifixes in all its classrooms, calling the move “offensive” and a break from the Jesuit tradition of tolerance.

Images of Christ are offensive. Iconoclasm lives at BC.

“There is no choice if you don’t think it’s appropriate. You can’t turn it around,” said biology professor Dan Kirschner, faculty adviser for BC’s chapter of Hillel, a Jewish student group. “I think it is being insensitive to the people of other faith traditions here.”

Perhaps it's insensitive for you to attempt to dictate to a university founded on Catholic principles. Not to mention stupid.

Amir Hoveyda, head of BC’s chemistry department, blasted the school in an e-mail to the Herald for “not being interested in an exchange with its faculty members.”

You're right. If they are real Jesuits, they are interested in converting you. Amir also calls crucifixes offensive, denigrating, and insulting. He should be fired for denigrating and insulting Catholicism, not to mention insubordination for attempting to undermine the Church's presence at Her own university.

Finally, I can't help but notice the brilliant mind of this particular sophomore:

But sophomore Alex LoVerde, 20, believes a crucifix “pushes the Catholic religion” and does not belong in a classroom. “I think the Jesuit tradition is more of openness and tolerance,” LoVerde said. “I think that an overt display of crucifixes is not what the Jesuits would have had in mind.”

What exactly would Jesuits have in mind? Overt displays of the Sacred Heart? Let's hope and pray that Alex and his student brethren actually learn something about Jesuits while they are in college. Like their attempts to destroy heresies, root and branch. Let's also hope that the Jesuits return to their heritage and not contribute to this bastardized caricature of themselves any longer.

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Jesuit. Jesu -- it.

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