Monday, February 16, 2009

Legion of Christ Delenda est!

You may have heard, or you may not have heard, but the LC's founder, Fr. Maciel, turns out to have been a scoundrel, having fathered children, misused funds, and abused young boys.

LC priests and Regnum Christi members talk as if the order can go on. It cannot. It just can't.

You cannot have a religious order whose founder was a pedophilic liar and fornicator.

LC priests should be given the choice of incardinating into the diocesan priesthood, petitioning for entrance into other orders (after a suitable novitiate), or putting aside their vocation.

The schools should be put under diocesan control immediately, and all of Maciel's spiritual writings should be banned.

Look, if it happened to the Knights Templar (permanently) and the Jesuits (temporarily), it can happen, and should.

I'll let you know if Pope Benedict takes my advice on this.

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