Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Next Time You Hear Someone Talk About Terri Schiavo

Remember this article from Zenit. This is referencing the murder of Eluana Englaro, who was in a position like that of Terri and suffered the same fate.

Since 1989 Father Trento has been one of the best-known missionaries of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Charles Borromeo in Paraguay. He is 62 years old and is the head of a clinic for the terminally ill in AsunciĆ³n.

I think of little Victor, a child in a coma, who clenches his fists. All we do is feed him through a tube. Faced with these situations, how can I react to the case of Eluana?

Yesterday they brought me a girl who was naked, a prostitute, in a coma, who had been dumped in front of a hospital. Her name is Patricia and she is 19. We washed her. Yesterday she started to move her eyes.

Celeste is 11; she suffers from a very grave form of leukemia; she was never taken care of and they brought her to me just to bury. Today she is walking. And she laughs."

Make sure you go read the whole thing. Then ask yourself how we got to the point of discarding people as though they were just things.

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In good news, Notre Dame has set up a pro-life fund and committee--THE NOTRE DAME FUND TO PROTECT HUMAN LIFE.. Check it out: