Sunday, February 8, 2009

"There is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being. This much we know."

Not my words. Or Pope Benedict's. These words were actually spoken by Pres. Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday.

What we really know from this comment is that Pres. Obama is either a hypocrite or extraordinarily reckless.

Consider his well-known support for greater access to abortions. Now note that he has just affirmed that God does not condone the taking of an innocent life. What is the immediate question to be asked?

"Mr. President, when do you think life begins?"

We already know his response. He claims that such a thing is "above his pay grade," hence, he admits that he does not know. If one truly believes that God prohibits the taking of innocent life and also claims ignorance as to when life begins, what is the only rational and moral approach to the abortion issue?

One must be as pro-life as possible. The very possibility that the life of millions of unborn children could be slaughtered should make someone recoil from anything that would encourage such actions. Take the Mexico City Policy, for example. Is it logical to disburse funds and increase access to abortions unless one is absolutely certain that the unborn child is not a child? I suggest not. Such an action is reckless beyond words. Obama doesn't know if he's assisting in the murder of children, but apparently it fits into his pay grade enough not to care.

The President has shown a willingness to accept the murder of a child and render an offense against the Almighty so significant that he regards it as a truth about God knowable to everyone, despite their specific religious beliefs. There are only two possibilities here. Either he is a hypocrite and believes none of these things, or he is reckless when faced with the deaths of millions of innocents.

Which is it?

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