Thursday, April 29, 2010

Immodesty Is Unnatural

During a recent outing, we were blessed to have a day with fine spring weather. I'm an autumn guy myself, but spring usually comes in second when we actually have one. All too often, we skip spring and head right on into summer, with the 90+ degree heat and 80% humidity.

Spring is quickly slipping on my list, though, mostly due to the reviling apathy that so many parents exhibit regarding their daughters. Needless to say, the outing in question was very nice, until we began encountering the young girls of the area, dressed in items that can barely be regarded as clothing.

Here's the absolute dumbest part of the whole thing. It was painfully clear that the girls in question felt more uncomfortable and awkward than any of us did about how they were dressed. They were constantly tugging on the well-nigh non-existent legs of their shorts trying to pull them down for more coverage. In talking to us and to others around, they went non-stop grabbing the necks of their shirts/blouses and pulling it up to their chins out of fear that they were showing too much.

So why the hell were they dressed that way? Let's say they all have absentee parents who don't give a crap (which I know isn't the case for all of them, but just roll with it). If the clothes are that irritating and make you that self-conscious about inappropriately exposing yourself, why not put on something else?

More than that, they clearly know that what they are wearing isn't covering them, so they try to make it cover more, presumably because they don't want people to see that much skin. But if they don't want people to see a lot of skin, why wear outfits that are designed for exposure? Doesn't such an outfit, by its nature, demand attention of the eyes, albeit of the wrong kind?

Leaving aside the moral issue of someone presenting themselves as an occasion of sin, I was shocked at the fashions that were on display. All these young girls being willing to throw themselves into clothing they clearly didn't want to be wearing, for a purpose they obviously weren't comfortable with, is mind-boggling. It just goes to show you the level of control that our culture has over minds that it can brainwash someone into doing something completely against their natural impulses of shame for really no reason in particular.

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