Sunday, April 18, 2010

In Order To Save Time

I figured I'd just give a quick run-through on some of the more highlighted articles going around on the abuse scandal and the continuing media hatchet job.

My personal favorite to this point is a ditty from Bob Ellis, who unfortunately seems to be suffering from a disorder that prevents him from engaging in coherent thought. His article is basically oriented towards fulfilling the Third Secret of Fatima by murdering the Pope and bombing the Vatican:

No-one has yet suggested bombing the Vatican and pursuing the Pope through the sewers of Europe till he is caught and riddled with bullets in order to stop priests buggering choirboys in Boston, Chicago, Dublin and Sydney. . .

The crimes are comparable pretty much and well-attested and well known from enquiries here and in Germany, the US and Ireland. Why then do we not bomb the Vatican and obliterate Italy for harbouring this criminal mastermind, this known protector of evil predators? Why do we not pursue him through the sewers of Europe and riddle his corpse with bullets?

Even with that, though, the Pope continues to see defenders rising up from some really wild areas. Who would have thought that Alan Dershowitz would be a guy to respond to barbs hurled at the Holy Father?

Not only that, but you have SpikedOnline coming out with the idea we've thrown out here that this is all because secularists are afraid of who the Pope is and what he can do to their cause.

As Karl pointed out below, though, none of this is going to change the media's view of its own godhood in attempting to dictate what the Church should be doing.

The Pope himself? He seems to be handling all this pretty well, I think, all things considered.

From Malta:

One of the eight victims of sexual abuse who met Pope Benedict XVI today in Malta described the encounter as "very emotional," saying most of those present were crying, and even the pope had "tears in his eyes."

"I made peace with the church," said Joseph Magro, one of the victims who met the pope.

This is all very good. However, do not doubt that the attacks will continue. Fear does weird things to people, especially whackjobs like Bob Ellis and Richard Dawkins. Before this is all over, I wouldn't be surprised at all if someone tried to implement a lower-level version of the Ellis Solution by taking a shot at Pope Benedict. If whoever it is manages to pull it off, mark my freaking word, the prevailing sentiment among the media will be that the Holy Father deserved it.

Roman Polanski, though, that guy should be let back in this country and given another Oscar.

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