Monday, April 5, 2010

LA Diocese Bracing For Whiplash?

There are reports that Cardinal Mahony's replacement has been named. The projected shift would take the Diocese of Los Angeles away from a guy who applauded the priest shortage, engaged in numerous liturgical abominations, and carried one of the worst records in terms of responding to the abuse scandal. In his place, you'd have a guy from Opus Dei.

Based on earlier reports that Cardinal Mahony is stepping down at 75, from American Papist, we have a report as to the identity of the man who will head the wealthiest and possibly most troulbed Archdiocese in the world.

According to Maximilian Hanlon, and other sources, the replacement for Cardinal Mahony should be the Opus Dei Archbishop from San Antonio, His Lordship, Jose Gomez.

Bishop Gomez was sent to the San Antonio See in 2004 and had been shepherding the Archdiocese of Denver as Auxiliary Bishop prior to that.

Talk about reversing course. Disco liturgy out. Cilices in. If this is true, this will be an extraordinary opportunity to see just how well Pope Benedict's policies can be implemented. There's a whole lot of crap that has to be uprooted out in LA. A lot of it isn't going to go quietly. Bishop Gomez (or anybody else really) is going to need your prayers in tackling this job. Please remember him.

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