Monday, April 26, 2010

The Reign Of Pope Benedict

The Holy Father's Fifth Anniversary didn't get much coverage. There was far too much calumny going on to focus on such a minor occasion.

I'm not going to do any kind of Ebert-ish rating, but I have been surprised at how this papacy has gone thus far. I think most everyone has been. The thing that has caught me most off-guard is Pope Benedict's patience. He definitely isn't governing like a guy who is 83. More like someone in their 60s (or younger) who feels like they have a lot of time to accomplish what they need to do. He has a lot of long-range irons in the fire: SSPX talks, promotion of the TLM (not to mention liturgical reform in general), restructuring the current crop of bishops, etc.

Other than Summorum Pontificum, he hasn't done anything with bold strokes. It's just been chipping away at the edifice of problems. I guess you sort of have to do it that way since the problems are so numerous.

Please don't take the above comments as disappointment. It's just weird (and inspiring) to see an 83 year old guy with the most important job in the world moving along with the apparent attitude that the work will get done no matter how long it takes.

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