Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Homosexuality And Genetics

Listening to some recent talk about homosexuality has me wondering about something. The specific topic was about how homosexuals are genetically predisposed to be that way. That being the case, they must have been made with same-sex attraction. Ergo, God actively desires homosexual relationships.

This line of thinking is presented as self-evident, leaving me to wonder what logic ever did to such people that they would resort to such violence against it.

First off, there has to be at least SOME homosexual activity that isn't genetic. History is clear that we've had some pretty homosexual societies in the past.

Moving on, I'm not exactly sure why being genetically predisposed to anything makes the action ok. This is a bit of a rehash on the whole Immaculate Corruption thing and our prior comments about Ian McKellen. Nor am I particularly sure why such a predisposition is supposed to demonstrate that God actively wills such a thing. Is the simultaneous claim that God actively wills everything, all the way up to, say, child abuse? Usually, the claimant isn't trying to go there, but it seems to me that this is the only thing that would function to make the argument work.

Haven't we seen pedophiles make these same kinds of arguments about how they were born that way? Last I checked, nobody was looking to limit their moral culpability. I'm sure we've all got plenty of our own sins that I would like to chalk up to DNA.

More and more, I'm seeing this exact reasoning as the come-back against anyone arguing conventional, God-based morality as their main objection to homosexual behavior. I just don't see why it's viewed as effective.

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