Saturday, May 10, 2008

Archbishop of Kansas City Shows Testicular Fortitude

As reported by Catholic World News, Archbishop Joseph Naumann has told Governor Kathleen Sebelius to refrain from receiving the Eucharist following her veto of a law that would have mandated that abortionists inform women about the procedure's effects and its alternatives (yes, truly a radical and shocking regulation on physicians).

The governor's decision was described by Archbishop Naumann as sending a "spiritually lethal message."

This is a marvelous gesture by His Excellency. I give it till tomorrow before the governor decides to play martyr and yammer on about what her "conscience" told her to do. Unfortunately, it is evident that her conscience has been deadened by sin. Her move endorses the policies of Herod and is in direct defiance of the Church.

And let's be perfectly clear about why the Archbishop did this. She's endangering her soul by receiving the Eucharist in her current condition. Nobody wants this lady committing sacrilege by going to Communion in a state of sin. She's also endangering the spiritual well-being of others via public scandal. Of course, that the Archbishop's judgment is an act of utmost love will be lost on anyone in the mainstream media.

Now, it's a good bet that two things will happen. First, she's going to make a publicity stunt out of being refused Holy Communion. Second, she's probably going to find some whack-job priest who will ignore his vows of obedience and give her Christ anyway. If that happens, they should both be excommed immediately. Let's hope the nation's other bishops are paying attention.

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