Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cardinal Mahony Prohibits Liberal Bishop from LA

Umm. What?

Are we talking about Cardinal Roger Mahony?

These are the sorts of stories that make me check under my bed at night for alien pods. For those who may not have heard of Cardinal Mahony before, he is (in)famous for sanctioning liturgies that make Woodstock seem reverent by comparison. He's also the same guy who was blasted by Mother Angelica of EWTN for basically promoting heresy, then retaliated against her by moving to have her forced out of control of the network. This is all recorded in her biography by Raymond Arroyo. It would probably be fair to say he's one of the biggest mistakes of JPII's pontificate and an embarassment to the American episcopacy.

To show I'm not an unfair guy, though, I give him props when they are due. Like here.

This Bishop Robinson guy that Cardinal Mahony has kicked to the curb wishes for the Church "to reexamine Catholic teachings on extramarital sex, women priests, homosexuality, and papal power." He's already been blasted by the Australian bishops conference and seems pretty heretical from the sources out there. Hell, if he's too liberal for Mahony, he might as well be the second coming of Arius. I keed, I keed. You can read more about it over at Catholic News Agency or with some good commentary from the American Papist.

Anyways, congrats to Cardinal Mahony for standing up to these sorts of folks and making a move to safeguard orthodoxy among his flock.

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