Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is Liberal Catholicism Dead? They are joking, right?

Clearly, someone at Time hasn't seen the video below. Maybe we are getting past Sesame Street abominations like that (and judging from the average age of the crowd there, that's a possibility), but we've got a long row to hoe in getting folks to stop contracepting and to start going to Mass every Sunday.

I do think orthodoxy has gotten its foot in the door. Heretics are actually being challenged, rather than going about their business while the faithful simply roll over. The internet has been a huge boon to those who want to learn more about the Church but haven't had the resources.

Still, it's depressing to see how much work there is to be done. Birth control is going to be a difficult demon to exorcise. Getting people past "you just need to be nice to go to heaven" will probably be even worse. The pendulum is swinging that way, though. We just have to ride out the rest of the storm and not lose this momentum.

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