Friday, May 16, 2008

Two awesome web sites.

How did I miss these before now?

The Spirit of Vatican 2 blog.

The Society of St. Leo I blog.


Haskovec said...

So I went to check out the Society of St Leo I and I must say I have some doubts/concerns about them. I figured I should go to the start of their blog and see what they are all about. On June 11th, 2007 they posted forbidden websites. Those sites included the Vatican, EWTN, and your Spirit of Vatican2 website. I have doubts about any group that would say you can't hit the Vatican or EWTN. They may say that they accept Benedict XVI as a legitimate pope but if so why ban the Vatican's website? Sounds like they might be a bit of a schismatic group.

Haskovec said...

ok maybe I withdraw my previous statement as I think maybe they are a parody. I thought they were serious when I first started reading it.

Throwback said...

Yeah, definitely a parody. The pictures of the new church facilities were great.