Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Good to see that we can finally get rid of all that bothersome Christ stuff in Christianity.

I really wish that I could come up with something witty to say here, but this gal and her company are way beyond parody.

I will simply add that it is unfortunately not that big of a step from the Reformation to erasing Christ from the Church altogether. Consider the argument that Protestantism was essentially a triumph of rationalism as it placed all discernment of Truth at the mercy of the Scripture reader's reasoning. Reason having been enshrined (admittedly not in an overt fashion) as the paramount force of the faith, the slope becomes quite slippery. Guys like Spong are good examples of this. Fundamentalism provides something of a bulwark to this sort of total whackjobbery but even it is vulnerable to the encroachment of modernity and the inevitable insertion of pastor ego into the kerygma. Sure, it might not lead directly to complete apostasy, but it does make for a long and winding road to nowhere.

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