Thursday, May 15, 2008

Protestant Minister in Harlem discusses the Trinity of Hell and Purgatory

To quote the sage Keanu Reeves:


First off, if you don't know who James David Manning is, he's become somewhat famous lately for supporting Hillary Clinton and absolutely blasting Barack Obama. He's even talked about his momma, for crying out loud. Now, he's passing on God's word that Obama and Jeremiah Wright are in a homosexual relationship and that Oprah is a closeted lesbian and that the three of them comprise "the Trinity of Hell." Here's the video.

Anyways, I know that having this sort of guy supporting Catholic doctrine probably isn't the best publicity in the world, but it does demonstrate the scattering of Protestant doctrine. His web site admits that Martin Luther was "ignorant" about purgatory, while the Catholic Church has maintained this doctrine.

Think about the ramifications for some typical (but not necessarily universal) Protestant beliefs. Once you buy into purgatory, you have bought into the idea that works matter. The idea that we ourselves are not sanctified, but are rather regarded as holy due to the imputed righteousness of Christ to our dung-heap selves, goes out the window. If you have indulgences, you have a ministerial authority who may grant them. If you have indulgences, you have a communion of saints who may suffer and directly work towards the purification of others through their own actions. It's a huge freaking row of dominos here, people, and I don't know if Mr. Manning realizes how far it goes.


The Last Hour Blog said...

James David Manning should not be associated with any form of protestantism or evangelicalism. He speaks on his own authority and abuses texts from Scripture to his own fitting.
He is an severly un-educated man who has assumed the right to be a pastor to a community.
I do not know anyone in regular, biblical and reformational protestantism/evangelicalism that would look to this person as a serious contender for the faith.

Throwback said...

Duly noted, though he allegedly has quite a following where he is and has piqued the interest of a couple of pastors in my area.

J_Jeanniton said...

I tell you sirs, that Pastor Manning is a TRAITOR to the Protestant Reformation. He teaches Purgatory, a Popish doctrine and has the audacity to call himself Evangelical! What is a Popish doctrine doing in an evangelical Protestant Church? Pastor Manning is probably a Jesuit Vatican decoy. The Vatican church of Rome will use any tactics, however contrary to its own professed beliefs, in order to gain power.