Thursday, March 5, 2009

Archbishop Ranjith In the Running for the PAE Awesomeness Award

As a nice counter-point to Cardinal Mahoney's recent commentary on the TLM, CatholicCulture has a great bit on +Ranjith taking a blowtorch to modern(ist) thinking on the liturgy.

If you read this blog with some frequency, you'll note that many of these ideas are familiar. It's not a secret anymore that the Pauline Mass has very little in common with the liturgical reform contemplated by Vatican II. +Ranjith goes into quite a few specifics.

Some practices which Sacrosanctum Concilium had never even contemplated were allowed into the Liturgy, like Mass versus populum, Holy Communion in the hand, altogether giving up on the Latin and Gregorian Chant in favor of the vernacular and songs and hymns without much space for God, and extension beyond any reasonable limits of the faculty to concelebrate at Holy Mass. There was also the gross misinterpretation of the principle of "active participation."

Basic concepts and themes like Sacrifice and Redemption, Mission, Proclamation and Conversion, Adoration as an integral element of Communion, and the need of the Church for salvation--all were sidelined, while Dialogue, Inculturation, Ecumenism, Eucharist-as-Banquet, Evangelization-as-Witness, etc., became more important. Absolute values were disdained.

An exaggerated sense of antiquarianism, anthopologism, confusion of roles between the ordained and the non-ordained, a limitless provision of space for experimentation-- and indeed, the tendency to look down upon some aspects of the development of the Liturgy in the second millennium-- were increasingly visible among certain liturgical schools.

If there was ever a guy in need of a red hat, it's His Excellency.

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