Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fired Over Her Beliefs! (gasp!)

Basically, Bishop Morlino of Madison had to take a hardline with parish employee named Ruth Kolpack because of her beliefs. The Wisconsin State Journal article poses the question:

Martyr or heretic?

Let's take a look.

The termination came after Kolpack said she refused the bishop’s request to renounce a 2003 college thesis in which she argued for more gender-inclusive language at Masses and harshly criticized the Catholic hierarchy’s doctrine of only ordaining males.


She did not think her thesis views risky at the time — Morlino had not yet arrived in Madison — although she admits now that her use of the term “religious evil” in reference to male-only ordination was “very strong.”


Kolpack had never had a conversation with Morlino prior to being called to his residence March 12. In a 10-minute meeting, she said he asked her to profess her faith, take a loyalty oath and renounce her thesis. She was willing to do only the first two.

Disobedient heretic.

Next question.

There's a debate here? Of course, the folks who want to challenge His Excellency's action do so based on secularism and emotion at the cost of their rational thought and any claim to logic. The comments under the article make this clear. I guess next the Church will have to keep people on who deny the sacraments (which she's sort of already doing) or the Divinity of Christ.

Let's pray for Bishop Morlino and those who have chosen to impugn his character and that of the Holy Father. Let's also pray for Ms. Kolpack, that she will reject her errors and embrace the Truth of Christ's Church.

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