Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fr. Mitch Pacwa Just Chimed in on the ND/Obama Deal

If you don't know Fr. Pacwa, you should. He's a great example of what all Jesuits should be. Anyways, he has a show on EWTN called Threshold of Hope. In his opening monologue this evening, he addressed the President's commencement invitation.

Fr. Pacwa felt that the invitation and its acceptance were both "dishonorable." He focused a great deal on Obama's hypocrisy in taking ND's honorary degree, likening it to his taking a break from his show to accept an award from Planned Parenthood. I hadn't seen this angle brought up yet (though I'm sure many folks have done so, but the shoe certainly seems to fit.

Not that any of us should be shocked at presidential hypocrisy.

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