Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm Really Just Posting This to See What Karl Has to Say

It's from the TimesOnline, and it's a fascinating article on the current status of Mt. Athos and its Esphigmenou monks.

Basically, they take a hardline on ecumenism, and I respect the hell out of that.

While European Union funds have converted surrounding monasteries to near-hotel standard, with showers, electricity and modern kitchens, Esphigmenou now gets by, it claims, on a daily budget of €130. Why, many have asked, would they make such sacrifices, simply because the leader of their church is friendly with the Pope? “The Patriarch tells us that we have no love for Catholics - no love in our hearts,” explains Father Savvas who, after 20 years in the monastery, is one of the more senior monks. “Well, is it an expression of love to let people live in deceit? In Europe, with your Protestantism and your Catholicism you are in...” he stops, to find the mot juste in his English-Greek dictionary. “Oh yes, perversion.” The word pleases him. “Popism is a perversion of Christianity.”

Ok, so he's way off the reservation of the True Faith, but I appreciate their willingness to step up and say, "This is right. You are all wrong. Telling other people they are right when they are wrong is bad, especially since it involves their soul's destination."

Note to Catholics: If you think you are the Church of Christ on earth, act like it! There are others who will make this claim, and you do them no favors by ignoring their errors. It's Lent. Works of mercy are in. Note numbers 1 and 3 here.

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Karl said...

The monks of Mt. Athos are always good for polemic comments. But, since I was asked, here are my thoughts:

The Church benefits when it has honest, forthright adversaries. Give me 10,000 holy men on a mountain calling my faith a perversion, rather than one seemingly compliant pastor or nun who distorts the faith. The first are a challenge, the second a scandal.