Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bobby Jindal and Exorcisms

We gave Sarah Palin some scrutiny during the campaign because of her Assemblies of God background. The point was that she would be political toast if anybody saw a video of her speaking in tongues.

Bobby Jindal might have some similar baggage. If you're from Louisiana, you probably already know this story. Basically, Jindal submitted a piece to the New Oxford Review back in 1994 that recalls his participation in an exorcism. Charles Blow has resurrected this item in this blog piece. His conclusion is that this whole exorcism bit could actually be in Jindal's favor, should he attempt a run at the White House.

I'm not buying it. You can't even count on this helping him among Catholics, much less the rest of the nation. Hell, in this day and age, it might even hurt him. I wonder how many Catholics think that we did away with exorcisms at Vatican II. Does anyone think that Joe and Nancy would accept this story at face value? Exactly my point.

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